Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Should be another fascinating day on Parliament Hill

The man of the hour, the Premier of Nova Scotia is making the rounds in Ottawa today:
Mr. MacDonald will be in Ottawa today to meet with Mr. Casey and the leaders of the opposition parties. He is not scheduled to meet with Mr. Harper or Mr. Flaherty.
Yes, because the Harper schedule weeds out political inconvenients, don't you know. Wonder if Mr. MacDonald will be meeting with Junior MacKay? Junior who appears to be pointing fingers now at the PMO and Sandra "urban myth" Buckler in particular for hanging him and his Bluenose buddies out to dry...well done, Junior. I think you may be getting a clue about what side you need to appear to be on. And you may be getting a few dirty looks and cold shoulders today as well...:) Way to stoke things up in that nifty little internecine war thingy you Conservatives have got going on.

So where does this thing go now? Can't say I like the idea of Liberal senators defeating the budget...that would detract from the focus on Mini Bush and his reneging on the Atlantic Accords (and many various other promises) and energize Conservatives. No one needs to be throwing them a life preserver to distract from the current focus. Not a good idea.

Mini Bush is in a fine pickle of his own making. What with three Premiers all lined up against him. Let's let him get out of his strait jacket all by his lonesome.

And just for fun, let's see what Danny Millions is saying today:
Mr. Williams said he had been concerned about Nova Scotia leaning toward a lesser deal with Ottawa on its own.

"I just think that would have been a huge mistake," Mr. Williams said. "I’m pleased he’s (Mr. MacDonald) really seen what this government is capable of. They’ll try to lead you down the garden path and then leave you high and dry at the end of the day. That’s what they are doing and that’s wrong. That’s no way to run a government and no way to run a country."
Mr. Williams had high praise for Mr. Casey.

"He was very courageous and did the right thing," Mr. Williams said. "What’s happening now is we could see other MPs shamed into it before it’s all over."
And it's certainly not over...:)