Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Welcome back, John Crosbie

A few colourful words, including at least one I have never heard before, from that Mulroney era Progressive Conservative:
Former federal finance minister John Crosbie, a Newfoundlander, made a similar appeal a few hours later. While he said he still supports the federal Tory government, Crosbie said he can't pretend he's not bitterly disappointed that the budget breaches the Atlantic accords.

"I'm not going to accept any codswallop that says that (the accord) hasn't been changed. I mean, we're not that stupid. The public isn't that stupid," he said in his typically colourful manner.
"...MacDonald bristled at the "underlying insinuation" that Nova Scotia and Newfoundland "want to have our cake and eat it too." He insisted the two have-not provinces are only asking for their fair share from federal transfer payments, and no more.

Crosbie echoed that argument, saying: "We are not going to have our cake and eat it too. We haven't had the freaking cake yet."
The damage has been done on this file, we are where we are, irrespective of flawed political promises or whatever the feds are peddling right now. Conservatives are toast in the Atlantic provinces and there's trouble in Saskatchewan brewing as well as Calvert prepares to unveil his legal action options tomorrow. Think it's a little difficult to buy into the supposed backlash out of Ontario and its crocodile tears about other provinces outperforming its fiscal capacity. The day Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are making announcements like this one, then you might need to do some serious adjusting that contemplates clawbacks to the "have-nots"...