Friday, June 29, 2007

The wonder boys need attention

Or should I say demand:
Canada's diplomatic service has been served marching orders to better "align" its work with the Harper government's priorities and make sure it is "attentive" to the government's needs.
The directives, obtained by The Globe and Mail, come at a time when Mr. Harper continues to complain that Canadian diplomats are ignoring his government's foreign policy objectives.
What's another battle for Mini Bush at this point, hey? Battling the media, Danny Williams, Rod MacDonald, Lorne Calvert, procedural skirmishes in the committees of the House with the opposition...sure, throw another issue onto the barbie. Go to war with Foreign Affairs bureaucrats and see it take about five minutes to end up on the Globe's front pages.

And this is more bad news for Junior:
The bureaucrats make no reference to the role of Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay or his office in the process, a telling omission since it is widely perceived in Ottawa that Mr. Harper and Clerk of the Privy Council Kevin Lynch have taken over foreign policy formulation.
Widely perceived you say? That's a shame...Junior's going to have a heck of a time getting re-elected at this rate. What good's a favourite son if he's shunned up there in Ottawa? You'd almost think Harper's going out of his way to undermine him...