Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stockwell Day, novelist

I think if I were Bill Elliott, the brand spanking new outsider commissioner of the RCMP I'd be wishing that Stockwell-Leg-Iron-Day would put a sock in it right about now:
“Bill Elliott is the first one to admit he has not been a cop,” Mr. Day wrote in his weekend e-mail. “It's true that he doesn't know what it's like to step out of that patrol car at midnight into a dark alley. And he doesn't know the feeling of being undercover and having a hardened criminal stare him in the face and say: ‘If you're a cop, I'll kill you!' Nor does he know the gut-wrenching feeling of hearing the chilling call coming over the police band car radio: ‘Officer down!'”
Please tell us more, Mr. Public Safety Minister/Robert Ludlum wannabe, about how unqualified he verily is then...