Monday, October 29, 2007

1 vs. 66

There is news today that Liberal Blair Wilson, MP from British Columbia, is stepping back from the Liberal caucus due to allegations of improprieties in election spending. Contrary to the suggestion in the CP report that criticism of Conservatives for their in-and-out advertising scheme in 2006 will now be blunted, I beg to differ. This is a kind of false equivalency that should be quickly dispelled. Consider the news of one Liberal MP with irregularities versus 66 Conservative candidates that participated in the in-and-out scheme which enabled an additional $1.3 million in national advertising for Conservatives and attendant rebates for those candidates:
At least 66 Conservative campaigns participated in this "in and out" transaction and then sent these expenses off to Elections Canada for a 60 per cent taxpayer-paid-for rebate totalling some $780,000.
Hmmm, let me weigh the scales on that one real carefully...and note the immediate accountability and cooperation professed. A very stark and decent contrast to the current crowd.