Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And...we're back

No, not a reference to the putrid "Canada's back" construction, but to the hyper partisan House of Commons. Caught a lot of Dion's speech setting out his principles on each of the government's issues. The upshot, there will be no election for now. And a vow, which two thirds of Canadians would agree with:
Mr. Dion had earlier described the Throne Speech as “vague” and “full of holes”.

“It warrants little faith,” Mr. Dion told Parliament as he opened debate on the response to the Throne Speech.

But there was one up-side, he said: It was not as bad as the speech the combined Houses of parliament would have heard had the Conservatives held a majority government.

And he said Canadians can count on his statement that “this Conservative Party will never form a majority.
I must say, the aftermath of the speech has been pretty entertaining. In fact, it's a good reason to keep this House in session and not have an election. Dion certainly put Yak Layton in his place, quickly and succinctly. And as I listen to John Baird hyperventilating in the background as I type, Dion's providing a very effective contrast to these monkeys. In fact, in the back and forth of the questioning, he's meeting their bluster and raising his response to outshine them. If this is what we are to see in this session, I am very hopeful.

Oh, Harpie's on his feet...repeating the bizarre "government is clean" slogan. Sounding notably subdued and sprinkling his remarks with references to historical characters. Looks like a new version of the chameleon we're witnessing this session, but I guess time will tell...:)