Thursday, October 18, 2007

Conservatives' adscam from last election front and center yesterday

The Conservatives, despite all the focus on Dion, got a nifty little reminder yesterday that contrary to Mr. Harper's protestations, theirs is not a "clean government." And their ability to monopolize the conversation has come to an end. The House of Commons is like kryptonite to Conservatives:
“The Conservatives laundered over $1.2-million in national advertising expenses through local campaigns, which is against the law. Even worse, they tried to pad bank accounts of 66 Conservative riding associations with over $780,000 with taxpayer-funded rebates, again against the law,” charged Liberal Whip Karen Redman during one particularly heated exchange in the House.

Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan defended the party's actions by saying other parties have engaged in similar practices – though Elections Canada says it has not seen this type of transaction before.

Liberals emerging from Question Period said their performance showed why it is in their interests not to bring down the government.

“I think we saw in Question Period today the kind of grilling that the Prime Minister and the government doesn't want,” Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison said.
Looking forward to much more of this, forcefully and clearly presented to Canadians...