Friday, October 26, 2007

Conservatives introduce Muslim targeted legislation

The veiled Muslim voter is apparently a grave threat to our democracy. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, of course. Let's not let such reasoned considerations get in the way of those who must single out Muslims. We Canadians, known world wide for our multiculturalism and reputation for tolerance, must have a law on our books specifically circumscribing Muslim women from voting with a veil on their face. Because, I mean, who really gives a f*%# about stigmatizing a group of people anyway, when there are votes to be gotten?
"The chaos that preceded the Quebec election stigmatized a lot of people, and so a lot of people were actually scared to vote," said Sarah Elgazzar, a spokeswoman with the council.

Only a small number of Muslim women wear the niqab or burka, and they have never asked for special treatment, Elgazzar said.

Afifa Naz, an engineer in Montreal, wears a niqab but understands there are situations in which she must unveil. "This is not something we demand," she told CBC News. "We can accommodate the needs of society while practising our religion."

Naz said she's always taken off her niqab to identify herself before voting, and also removes it when passing through airport security or border crossings.
But let's not let such inconvenient facts get in the way of our rush to pander to the basest of prejudices. The Muslim veiled voter must be stopped at all costs.

What a shameful spectacle.