Thursday, October 11, 2007

Debuting here: Jack Layton as you've never seen him before

Was just finishing my post on Harper's politically driven decision to form this Afghanistan panel to take the issue out of the electorate's hands...when who do I hear who has phoned in to CTV Newsnet to speak on the matter? Why yes, it was Jack Layton, affirming his conduct of late which seems to amount to the following: I'm first to respond, I'm quick, I'm available. Elbowing out anyone else so that he can say the NDP is first, we have a position, pick me, not the other guy. Political optics always a primary consideration for Jack these days.

Maybe, just maybe, considered political judgment in a national leader is an asset. After all, he's not a blogger. I would hope that political leaders would take more time than I do in formulating a position on such a significant matter.

So I give you, prompted by Jack's quick-draw phone call, Jack in the Box. In its almost final stage, courtesy of the Wingnuterer and me:'ll be seeing a lot more of this one...:)