Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Don't forget, don't forget this"

Those were the fateful words uttered by Stephen Harper in the following video clip demonstrating just how blatant a breach of trust his income trust decision one year ago was. Here's Steve, in his own words, forever captured for posterity's sake:

And here's a notefrom Garth Turner marking the occasion:
A year ago Thursday, the minister of finance called a quickie media conference to announce one of the most stunning reversals in Canadian political history. Under the guise of a ‘tax fairness plan’, he ushered in a tax on income trusts which would have immensely far-reaching consequences. It stunned investors, Bay Street and the industry itself, all of whom just ten months earlier had heard Stephen Harper say over and over and over again that such a measure would never be introduced by a Conservative government.
No, we absolutely won't forget this.