Thursday, October 25, 2007

Europeans need to hup to, says Defence Minister Hillier

The General's horning in on Junior's sojourn at NATO this week. He just can't keep himself out of the political spotlight on Afghanistan, can he? Again, with the inappropriate elbowing:
Canada's top soldier on has joined a growing chorus of NATO political and military leaders calling on several European nations to take a bigger role in the war-torn southern provinces of Afghanistan.

Talking to reporters during a visit to Kandahar air field Thursday, General Rick Hillier was asked about this week's NATO decision to rent helicopters flown by civilians for use in southern Afghanistan, and why no military aircraft could be found to do the job.

Gen. Hillier said there were helicopters available in European countries, and called on his European counterparts to provide more equipment and troops on the ground.

“At the end of this, all NATO countries signed up for this mission,” he said.
As adamant as Hillier is about European countries like Germany and France coming on board to engage in the same way as Canada is in the south of Afghanistan...those countries, to date, have been equally adamant that they will not. Maybe the General should be listening to that consistent message and be factoring it into our own future plans in Afghanistan. Or better yet, stay out of the politics of the situation. Isn't that supposed to be Junior's role?

We don't need our Generals telling other countries what to do with their troops, treasure or priorities. If a General from another country preached to us on what military role we should play in a conflicted country like Afghanistan, I think we'd all find it very unwelcome and inappropriate...