Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Throne Speech Eve

Miscellaneous observations on this momentous evening...

Bob Fife continues to breathlessly report on the Liberal troubles in the latest poll tonight where they muster 29% to Harper's 34%. Isn't the bigger story, Bob, that the Prime Minister has been in office for over a year and a half and his support is still below the 36% he obtained in the 2006 federal election? But enough about Bob...

With Parliament set to return, the Conservatives are in for it...they have not performed well to date in the House. Welcome back, boys...:) I look forward to the return of Stockwell, Lawyer Van Loan, Jos. Louis Bernier, Junior MacKay and other assorted wonder boys...because let's face it, there are no women who are the public face of this government, other than Rona who sits behind Harpie and nods approvingly. And let's cross our fingers that they give Pierre Poilievre a much bigger public profile too, he's a real up and comer...:)

And what's this...I hear Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton singing a different tune today on the notion of having an election. The gung-ho boys have suddenly dialed down the macho rhetoric and say they don't want an election. Following the Liberals are they?

And the Throne Speech, at least word is being leaked tonight, is not going to be as daring as Harper has alleged to date. There appear to be no land mines. Harper's backed down from his election ledge, it seems. In fact, a lot of it could have come from a Liberal government, with some exceptions. Don't want an election either, hey Steve? Following the Liberals, are you?