Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The hatorade continues

I think the Prime Minister is on side with the statement, below, made by some of the fine leadership of the enclave of the ironically named "Herouxville," at least the part about the veils:
Drouin and the small town's webmaster, Bernard Thompson, presented their point of view at provincial government hearings into the practice of accommodating cultural minorities.

Herouxville, population 1,300, is the town that adopted a code of conduct for immigrants earlier this year - even though scant few minorities settle in the area halfway between Quebec City and Montreal.

Drouin presented a memo to the commission that began with a list of names he and townsfolk have been called since they made the declaration last winter.

Morons, fascists, idiots, mentally deficient, intolerant and retarded were just a small sample of the epithets.

Undaunted, Drouin said accommodation must end.

Whether it's allowing women to wear veils while voting or providing kosher meals in public hospitals, "we demand that the practice of Canadian courts of accommodating religion in Canada and Quebec cease immediately," Drouin told the commission.

"The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a tool to destroy our country."
Do you see the hatorade that the Prime Minister endorsed with his banging of the drum about veils?

And by the way, the appointment of this "commission" has got to rank right up there in the annals of boneheaded decisions in recent political history...the ugliness and divisiveness that have been legitimized by this very process are extremely unhelpful. It's mob hysteria run amok. And the galvanization of the issue by political actors seeking to capitalize on the intemperate sentiment has been a big letdown, to say the least...