Sunday, October 28, 2007

He's a funny guy

A good move by Dion, speaking at the press gallery dinner last night, engaging in some self-deprecating humour and generating good will with the press gallery. The light-hearted news:
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion was scheduled to be the only political speaker this year. Jack Layton of the NDP originally declined to speak and Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe hasn’t attended for years.

Dion, who has never been confused with a stand-up comic, won laughs for a series of self-inflicted jabs aimed at his struggles with the English language, his caucus and his preference for slinging a back-pack over his suit jacket.

"A back-pack can be very useful," he deadpanned. "It can help protect your back."

He shot back at reporters who have called him the worst Liberal leader in a century.

"Why only in a century? I can’t win anything with you guys."

Dion’s taunt aimed at Layton ("who’s abstaining now?") may have prompted the NDP leader to abandon his original intention to stay away from the podium. Layton did address reporters, but in the guise of an auctioneer to raise money for a Carleton University scholarship fund in the name of the late Dennis Bueckert, the long-serving environmental reporter for The Canadian Press.
Heh heh...:) Maybe that'll puncture a few of the nation's leading gas bags who continue to write a script that Dion's not playing along with...