Saturday, October 27, 2007

"I believe actually we see things exactly the same way"

A problem with the whole Hillier-Harper contradiction on an end date to the Afghanistan mission is the tremendous pressure being applied on Hillier to fall in line politically with the government. His comments from last night, given in one of a series of media appearances to correct his statement on Afghanistan being a long term mission, show how inappropriate this little fix-it exercise is:
"I have not contradicted anybody," said Gen. Hillier, who had just returned from an unexpected visit to the battlefields of Kandahar province.

"The last time I saw the Prime Minister was the night from the Speech from the Throne and we had a conversation about a whole variety of things. I'm very clear on where the direction comes from. ... We're on exactly the same page and I believe actually we see things exactly the same way." (emphasis added)
It's not his job to see things exactly the same way as the PM. And we'll see, but it's possible he might have a different PM in a year's time. With a different Afghan policy. But he's publicly committed, as the nation's top military guy, to seeing things exactly the same way as the Conservatives. Not good.

A politicized military is not what we need in this country.

The Conservatives' desperate desire for Quebec votes is blinding them to the correct paths that they should be walking on so many issues.