Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's coming all right, just not now

A few brief thoughts on the fallout from today's House session...

There seems to be a lot of hue and cry, largely from dippers it seems, over Dion's supposed lack of leadership in not signalling today that he will defeat the government. A question for those so doing...this is politics we're talking about, right? And for political calculation, we need only observe the ongoing political calculations exhibited by Yak Layton's performance over the past few months. The manufactured hall monitor outrage on Yak's part at the Liberals' possible positions in anticipation of the throne speech has been a major turnoff, I would predict, to progressives and will eat away at his soft support that he may have obtained the last go round. So let's not get all high and mighty over who's more principled than the other guy. This is political gamesmanship and Yak is neck deep into it and playing it to the hilt right now. It's not about Stephane Dion, no matter how politically convenient a target he may be for Yak. The factor that should be driving Layton should be the Harper government. How does it help Canadians to be attacking a fellow progressive and paving the way for a Harper majority? Those clamouring for an election would do well to listen to Elizabeth May on this. There's a coming backlash that Yak better get prepared for...the NDP member in my riding may very well be endangered by it.

While I fully support the need to take down Harper's disastrous government, this is what the people elected, for better or worse. They wanted Harper restrained and that's what we've got. While many progressives are banging the drum for an election, the wider population does not want one. This country is electioned out for the time being. But Harper will get his. The day is coming.

But it'll be at a time when Stephane can bring more than a knife to the gun fight.