Monday, October 22, 2007

Just in time for another broken Conservative campaign promise...

We have the newest Harpie government cleaning product courtesy of the Wingnuterer's photoshoppery...because it's tough keeping this government as clean as Harpie says it is...:)

It's Peter Van Loan's Partisan Polish, to tidy up such broken election promises as this one reported in the Globe today and which we have had inklings of for months now: "Conservatives tightening tap on flow of information, figures show." As we've known since July, for example, even Rick Hillier's gotten in on the information impeding action:
The office of General Rick Hillier, Canada's top soldier, has halted the release of any documents relating to detainees captured in Afghanistan under the federal Access to Information Act, claiming that disclosure of any such information could endanger Canadian troops.

According to documents made available to The Globe and Mail, the Strategic Joint Staff, a newly created group that advises Gen. Hillier, has been reviewing all Access to Information requests about detainees since March, shortly after the detainee controversy first erupted.

The Strategic Joint Staff has given strict guidance to National Defence's director of Access to Information, Julie Jansen, on what documents should be withheld. The result is that the flow of documents about detainees has virtually dried up and the department has summarily rejected requests for the same kind of documents it released earlier.
To date no one has explained the authority for the General's information hoarding. I think someone should be asking Junior MacKay about this in the House of Commons, since they're finally back to work.

Run for election promising greater transparency and accountability in government, sure, no problem. Now it's a different story...since that was then, of course, this is now...:)

Harpie's "clean" government sure requires a lot of maintenance...I'm sure Lawyer Van Loan will be right on the case today with a handy explanation on the Access to Information slowdown...:)