Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lessons in prime ministerial leadership

A few additional thoughts on Harper's announced side deal with Nova Scotia yesterday. would you like to be a Conservative MP right now? And in particular, one from Newfoundland? Talk about being sold down the river by the boss man. The Conservative gang should take note. Your seat is only of value to the PM if it'll get him to his majority. Otherwise, you're subject to his Machiavellian electoral calculations. He said sayonara to the Newfoundland Conservative MP's yesterday. Even though it was all Harpie's fault that the Atlantic Accord was undermined. There but for the grace of Harper go you, Conservative members.

And secondly, Harper's move sends a message to Canadians as a whole. If your region doesn't benefit Harper in his quest for a majority, he'll write you off too and make calculations about where he can get his seats elsewhere. Newfoundland has only 3 Conservative MP's. That's chicken scratch. So Newfoundland, you're written off. The Prime Minister of Canada is sending the clear message that he's off to greener electoral pastures.

Incredible way to run one's party and country, isn't it?