Monday, October 22, 2007

Mike Duffy's show is an embarrassment

You know, I try to bear with it and listen to the guests given the slightest possibility that some news might actually emanate from it and given my interest in the subject matter...but you know, I can't recall that happening. He did a makeshift, clumsy dissection tonight of how many times Michael Ignatieff stood up to clap during the throne speech last week and attempted to draw some grand inference out of it about Ignatieff's loyalty. As I like to say of late, um, thud.

This thing they call Mike Duffy Live frequently turns into a free for all with little command or control by Duffy and with politicians all talking over each other. Then Mike smiles, laughs and heh, heh, the pols all laugh at the scene too and bam, "we've run out of time, folks," the segment is over. Gotta be nice to Duffy, they've all got to be invited back to the teevee show, don't ya know. What an absolute waste of time. Thankfully, Olbermann is on in the same slot to provide some real political value, albeit U.S. That's the kind of show CTV "Newsnet" needs, not this slow, belaboured NDP-Lib-Con panel segments where they each cancel each other out.

Duffy's show really should be approaching its Crossfire moment and mercifully be taken from the airwaves. Could we please get Jon Stewart up here to blow it off the airwaves, please. Is this the best CTV can do?