Thursday, October 11, 2007

Operation Diffuse Afghanistan before an election

Well, Bob Fife, the go to guy of the PMO, has dropped another bomb on the nation. Harper has decided he doesn't want to fight an election on the Afghanistan issue. If I were him, I wouldn't want to either. Especially since the majority of Canadians want our troops to end their combat role. And all of the opposition parties share this view, on Canadians' behalf. Harper is the lone advocate of staying the course. He sees the difficulty he's up against in an election if he runs on that position and especially if any incidents occur in Afghanistan during an election. So he's taking the people's ability to speak on the issue away. And putting the decision in the hands of a five person "respected" citizens' panel. As I like to say, it's a strange version of democracy the Conservatives are running up there, isn't it? What's the deal, Conservatives? Afraid of the people's judgment?

I would oppose this move...this is a fundamental decision by our nation that deserves to be voted on by the people's representatives and not farmed out to a hand-picked panel, irrespective of who's on it. But gee, I must say, the choice of Pamela Wallin is particularly inspired. I'm sure she knows the issue inside and out given her career as a television broadcaster.

And sorry, don't believe the explanation that Harper's rationale for doing this is to remove the "partisanship" from the Afghan decision. He's been nothing but partisan with this issue, from taunting the opposition as Taliban loving, to employing the language of "cut and run," to photo op after photo op in Afghanistan, to doing everything possible to keep the Liberal Defence critic from visiting. Now he has the gall to pretend to take the high road and ask us to take the "partisanship" out of the Afghan issue. He takes us for idiots, once again.

His real motive is so transparent. And it's entirely partisan. It's all about having an election and allowing Harper to remove a politically damaging issue for his party from the debate. How undemocratic and typical of the man.