Saturday, October 13, 2007

Profiles in leadership

Quite the display of leadership in B.C. yesterday by the premier.
The looming departure of one of B.C.'s senators has Ottawa interested in Senate reform, but Premier Gordon Campbell signalled yesterday he has other priorities.

The Premier shrugged off questions about whether Ottawa should appoint a replacement for Pat Carney or organize an election to replace the Mulroney-era cabinet minister, who announced this week she is stepping down after 17 years.

“If the federal government wants to organize an election, that's fine with me. If they don't, that's also fine with me,” Mr. Campbell said after a news conference to announce an extra $41-million in spending to deal with homelessness.

“That's not one of the big issues in my life today,” he said, preparing to leave a homeless shelter where he announced the funds. “The big issues in my life are issues like this, or opening Canada up for the future, all those sorts of things. That's the stuff we have got to do.”
That's right...shrug your shoulders, create a void and let Harper fill it with whatever he wants to do, hey? It's just the Senate. A constitutional house of the federal government and an institution the PM is trying his best to undermine. But who gives a f*%# right?

The election of senators in the fly by night way contemplated by Stockwell Day, Harper et al. is a patchwork Conservative fix in the absence of any consensus in this country over what, if any, change is desired to the Senate. You'd think a premier would have better sense than to throw up his hands with a who cares attitude.

The people of B.C. let him get away with this garbage?