Saturday, October 27, 2007

Report trashes Conservatives' plans on daycare

It's all here, in this Globe report today. Conservative promises on daycare in the last federal election have amounted to a hill of beans, as set out in their own consultation report. Because there was absolutely no support out there for the tax credit for child care spaces approach that the Conservatives thought business would be willing to provide. As we like to say around here...well no sh*#, Sherlock.

Know anyone out there in need of daycare? It's a real problem. If you can't lean on the grandparents, as a lot of parents can't, what do you do? The price of daycare is just not covered by the Conservatives' measly $100 per month, before taxes. It doesn't come close. Consider these submissions to the consultation:
“My husband and I are college graduates with decent jobs in the ‘richest province' in Canada,” one mother wrote in response to a consultation that the government of Alberta conducted on the federal child-care plan. “But we can't afford to have the second child we desire, as $1,200 a month in childcare would break us.”

Another said: “There are very few spaces available. For over a year, my child has been in a daycare that I wish to pull him from, but there is nothing available to us.”
And so, another two years will be marked without progress on a significant social problem. Needless to say, someone would do well to make this a very big issue in the next election. The Conservative record is abysmal.

Also notable about this report is the fact that the Conservatives delayed producing the damaging consultation report to the Globe until last week when the Globe requested it a year ago. Does this mean they were holding it off in case an election were called? Um, yeah, I would take that bet.