Monday, October 15, 2007

Sandra Buckler: media centre? what media centre?

Silly journalists, it was all just an idea, floating in the air that was backed off "at an early stage" and there are "no plans to pursue" the PM's dream media control centre. Now does that mean if Harpie gets a majority the plans will change? I would bet heavily on that, if I were a betting person, that is...:) After all, as Tonda MacCharles reported today, this was quite a detailed plan for something that was abandoned "at an early stage":
One of the documents obtained by the Star shows staff established a working list for what would have been put in the Shoe Store Project, including "a stage or riser; comfortable seating for 40-80 people, security at the back and front door, electronic feeds for sound, sound boards, simultaneous translation space, phone-in capacity, proper lighting for cameras (may require drapes for windows), tables for handouts, products, etc., glasses, water, flags, backdrop, photocopier, full work station/internet hook-up, printer (large-capacity) in the back for officials to use, washroom facilities."

A hand-drawn sketch of the facility also showed a space for "maybe permanently installed cameras with feeds to media."
Yes, methinks the "plans" will change if the golden majority ever befalls Mini Bush. And if Harpie ever gets to build it, Bob Fife will get a seat right up front...:)