Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today's threat

Think Canadians are going to be thrilled by Harper's repeated threats to have an election? Why, pray tell, did Harper insist on passing legislation fixing election dates all the while continuing to manoeuvre for an election at every turn now? The Conservatives may think the optics on this omnibus crime legislation favour them but the counter arguments are equally persuasive. The opposition had agreed to the majority of these bills, there are only a few major points of contention. If the opposition can say that in an election, people will wonder wtf is going on then? Why can they not sever the non-contentious items out, like the drug-impaired driving provisions as Joe Comartin points out, and get that work done? And if Rob Nicholson thinks it's credible that the Canadian people would seriously believe the Liberals are "standing up for dangerous offenders," well, this takes me back to Harper's claim two elections ago that Paul Martin supported child pornography. Go for it, guys.

This looks terrible for the Conservatives. But, hey, let's not stop them...:)