Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trolling for votes

Apropos of this story today on Harpie's politically motivated designation of the new marine refuge, let's not forget that Harper landed on 3rd base with this policy that was inherited from Jean Chretien. And now he's simply going home with it. Reaping the political benefits of looking like a Liberal. The base must be so pleased.

The right policy, yes. Who can disagree with a marine conservation area? But Harper's well-timed trip to northern Ontario trolling for votes gives the whole thing a partisan edge. Does anyone think Harpie would have made such a trip this week had he not thought a few weeks back that he'd be in the midst of an election campaign?

This story reminded me of another leader who made a big splash of such an announcement as well...yeah, it was Bush and his designation of the Hawaiian marine sanctuary.

Big shows put on by Bush and Mini Bush, tryin' hard to be environmentally friendly...yet doing bupkus to make a difference on global warming, the most pressing environmental issue of our time. Meanwhile, the earth is burning.