Thursday, October 25, 2007

Unbecoming conduct by Mr. Layton last night

Get a load of this picture of Jack Layton standing in the House as he votes against the throne speech and childishly taunts and gestures toward the Liberals. It really doesn't do the full extent of his sanctimony justice, if you saw reports on the throne speech vote, as he shook his head and preened for the cameras. Burn it into your brains, progressive voters and remember it the next time Jack asks for you to lend him your vote:


Layton had his chance to exercise the courage of his convictions and get an election - that nobody wants, but Yak claims to want - when he failed to vote with the Liberals yesterday. He had his chance when his votes counted and he declined. Instead, he's decided to continue with his public posturing and sheer freebie bravado.

Another profile in courage, ladies and gentlemen...