Thursday, October 18, 2007

The uncomfortable new litmust test for Bush nominees

Will you please, please promise to resign if the President wants to do something illegal & you can't talk him out of it?
Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the committee’s ranking Republican, told Mr. Mukasey that the department “urgently needs a restoration of integrity and honesty and independence.”

“We have seen a situation where there have been serious allegations of political influence,” Mr. Specter said, “and it is very important that those matters be cleared up.”

“Going right to the heart of the matter,” he continued, “are you prepared to resign if the president were to violate your advice — in your view, violate the Constitution of the United States on an important matter?”

Mr. Mukasey replied: “That would present me with a difficult but not a complex problem. I would have two choices. I could either try to talk him out of it — or leave. Those are the choices.”

Mr. Specter reframed the response: “If the alternative is to leave if you can’t talk him out of it, then I think the answer to my question is yes.”

Mr. Mukasey nodded. “It is,” he said.
He passed! Talk about the bar being Attorney General nominee must steel himself against the prospect of expected lawbreaking by the President of the United States and pledge to the United States Senate that he will indeed act appropriately when confronted by it.

Look at the bright side, at least they're getting it on record now...

Here's video on the A.G. nominee being asked about Gitmo, where a Canadian citizen sits, with the neglectful support of the Harper government: