Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Visual identification of voters will disenfranchise millions

In the wake of the Conservatives' throne speech citing the need to close the "loophole" that they left in place, just this summer, over visual identification of voters, the details of their plan will be extremely important. If you think photo ID is not a problem for people, consider this:
Testifying before a committee on the proposed changes to the elections law in December, Mayrand's predecessor, Jean-Pierre Kingsley, warned the committee against eliminating alternative methods of voting. The problem, he explained, is that millions of Canadians do not have photo identification that meets all the new requirements of the elections act - particularly the homeless, the disadvantaged, seniors and youth.

"This means, in effect, that some 4.5 million electors, one in five, will be required to prove their identity and their residence by bringing and presenting two pieces of alternative documents, as proposed by the bill."
Got that?