Thursday, October 25, 2007

"We have better ideas than another GST tax cut"

The last two weeks have made it clear, Stephane Dion's not going to be browbeaten by anyone into following a course of action that is in some other party's interest. Not even with all the media, opposition parties and even members of his own party pressuring him to do so. Stephen Harper must just be chomping at the bit that Dion is essentially ignoring his traps and is standing up to him. So this is shaping up to be quite the interesting Fall after all. No election, which nobody wants, but lots of sticking it to the Conservatives' well laid plans. Here's Dion yesterday on Harper's foolish gambit that his reported tax plans would have Dion falling in line to stupidly challenge him over a tax cut in an election:
Mr. Dion said last week that Canadians do not want an immediate election when he announced that Liberals would abstain in last night's vote on the government's Throne Speech. And he suggested yesterday that he does not expect to trigger an election over the GST cut, either.

"The only thing I want to say about that is if Canadians didn't want an election last week ... I don't really think that they will want an election next week," Mr. Dion told reporters.

Mr. Dion said that cutting another percentage point off the GST is the wrong way to cut taxes, but said his Liberals "will continue to do our role as [the] Official Opposition, explaining why we disagree with the government."

"We want tax cuts for Canadians, but we want tax cuts that will help this country to be more competitive and to be fairer and we have better ideas than another GST tax cut," he said. The Liberal Party prefers income tax cuts.
That position sounds eminently reasonable when you consider the opinion of experts consulted by the Globe is resoundingly against the wisdom of a GST cut. And Dion sounds just fine in these scrums, thank you very much. His accessibility is a big and likeable contrast to the presidential PM.

Yes, I do believe Dion is going to fight an election on his own timetable, not Harper's. How frustrated Harpie must be at this annoying little hitch in his plans.