Saturday, October 20, 2007

A whopping 34% want a Harper majority

Kudos to Red Tory and Calgary Grit for correcting the representations of the Ipsos poll results floating around our crack media who are suggesting and crowing that much more is to be made of the claim that 58% of Canadians would prefer a majority government over a minority government. Well about that 58% wanting a majority Watson used to say, no sh*% Sherlock. Isn't it just shocking that Canadians would prefer a majority government on the federal scene right now? In the wake of all the political machinations and threats of elections hovering over their heads for weeks on end now?

If you calmly look at the Ipsos survey itself, it's clear that those preferring a Harper majority are at 34%. I.e., 58% of 58%. In fact if you want to get uber-technical about it, it should be 33.64%. But let's be generous, like the Ipsos folks, and let Harpie have his 34%. But it certainly ain't no 58%.

In other words, Harper's at the same ceiling he's been stuck at since he's started his Prime Ministership.

Big thud...