Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A big shout out to Mark Holland tonight

For going toe to toe with Mini Mulroney today on the issue of what happened to the Schreiber letters sent to Harper and why nothing was done about them. Now this is the kind of exchange we need to see more often:
Liberal MP Mark Holland sparred with the Prime Minister during Question Period, calling it ‘absurd' that Mr. Harper wouldn't be alerted to the contents of the letters.

“Letters of such political sensitivity, like those detailing allegations of abuse by a former prime minister, are immediately forwarded by the PCO to the Prime Minister's most senior staff,” Mr. Holland said. “The Prime Minister's Office had these letters. If he wants to retain any credibility, he should stand in his place and tell the truth.”

Mr. Harper accused Mr. Holland of being a fan of conspiracy theories before explaining he didn't deal with the letters because Mr. Schreiber is the subject of ongoing extradition hearings. He is currently in the Toronto West Detention Centre awaiting a hearing on a bid by Germany to extradite him over charges of fraud, bribery and tax evasion.

“The Prime Minister is never going to get involved in reading correspondence on that matter from such an individual,” Mr. Harper said. “I have no relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber and I don't intend to become his pen pal now.”

Mr. Holland fired back that Mr. Harper's relationship with Mr. Schreiber wasn't the issue.

“He certainly has a relationship with Brian Mulroney and that's exactly what this is about,” Mr. Holland said. “If this Prime Minister is so certain that these particular letters got lost in the system, then he should table in this House the routing slips and dockets for all the related correspondence from Mr. Schreiber to the Prime Minister. Table the paper trail so it will either prove the gross incompetence and negligence of this Prime Minister's office or that there was a cover up – a deliberate attempt to mislead Canadians, a choice to protect Mr. Mulroney rather than to see justice served.”
Methinks Holland came out on top on that one...:) By the way, could Harpie be any more transparent in regurgitating Sandra Buckler's "pen pal" talking point? Here's Buckler last night:
"The prime minister has not seen any letter," said Sandra Buckler. "He also does not wish to become a pen pal with Mr. Schreiber."
Good for Holland for obliterating that utterly ridiculous attempt to marginalize the issue.

P.S. Consider this post the christening of a new moniker that may be used from time to time...see above...:)