Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Conservative hatorade watch

Big winner today, Junior MacKay for shamelessly commingling talk of fallen troops with questions on Canada's obligations under international law:
Mr. MacKay went on to launch a stinging attack against the Opposition for focusing on the rights of detainees while Canadian soldiers - including two more over the weekend - are being killed.

"While we understand fully the need to help bolster Afghan capacity with respect to these transferred prisoners, what is absolutely abhorrent is [Liberal MP Denis Coderre's] fixation, knowing that the blood of Canadian soldiers and innocent Afghans are on the hands of the Taliban," he said.
Does this mean that such questions should not be asked? When is it appropriate, dear Minister, to ask such questions then?

Big shame on MacKay for his implication that the opposition does not care about the service of Canadian soldiers. We don't need these phony wars of patriotism in our country, we've seen enough of that down south.