Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Contempt coming?

Further indications the federal Conservative government is going to great lengths to ensure it will control Schreiber's movements:
But Liberal MP Paul Szabo, the chair of the ethics committee, told MPs at a meeting this morning that he has learned that Schreiber is being held in federal government custody even though he is in a provincial jail.

And Szabo said this means that Nicholson is ultimately reponsible for deciding whether Schreiber can be brought to the Commons to give testimony this week as the committee hopes.

"If anyone - Mr. Schreiber, the justice minister, the Ontario attorney general or any other person - frustrates the ability of Mr. Schreiber to be before our committee on Thursday, they may be found in contempt of Parliament by the House," Szabo told reporters. (emphasis added)
Why the need to get your hands dirty, federal government? Sounds like they've got their finger on the trigger, ready to extradite. What other explanation is there for having gone to this length, putting Schreiber under federal control in a provincial facility? Nicholson is still playing coy:
Nicholson, under fire later in the Commons over the issue, said he wouldn't stand in the way of efforts by MPs to bring Schreiber to Ottawa.
Reiterating his position that he will do nothing to assist, but everything to sit back and wait out the clock.