Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Danny is still the king"

This is rich: "Harper seeks to mend fences with Williams." Of course the PM wants to fix matters with Williams. They're a major disaster. And from the Globe report, which is based on unnamed "sources" who appear to be federal Conservatives seeking to shape this story, all indications are that Harper's seeking a "rapprochement" with Williams is motivated by self-serving political rationales. There's a first ministers meeting in early 2008 that Harper wants to manage. And there may be a federal election soon. The article indicates that Harpie's got his eye on a few of Danny's colleagues to fill spots of retiring federal Conservative MP's who - without Williams' blessing - will be hard pressed to get re-elected. Think Danny's interested in making life easier for Harper? He's made it clear, very clear to date that Harper's word is not to be trusted, based on his gutting of the Atlantic Accord. To make a major understatement, this'll be interesting to watch.