Friday, November 23, 2007


I don't believe this report on Liberal timing for a next election at all. Sounds like major deking to me with folks a little too eager to speak to the media types. Even if it were true, events these days are pretty fluid, an election could look very attractive one week, not so hot the next. Just ask Harpie after the Mulroney/Schreiber mess blew up. That could have occurred in the midst of a federal election campaign had Harpie gotten his way with his Throne Speech confidence vote. So to say at this moment that a February move would be in the works is just too uncertain. Sounds more like an article meant to reassure supporters that an election is coming, just bear with us as we "bite the bullet" on a confidence motion one more time.

I do believe Dion's got some fire in his belly of late and is getting much more comfortable as he hits his one year mark. Those who are writing him off at the present time, such as the galling Chantal Hebert last night, are making a big mistake.