Friday, November 09, 2007

Harper mentioned in Schreiber affidavit

It's about time...the Globe has taken the wonderful step of linking to an actual court document on its website, so we can read allegations as presented. Today they've got a link to an affidavit sworn by Karlheinz Schreiber in his lawsuit against Mulroney seeking return of $300,000 alleged to have been paid to Mulroney for advocacy on Schreiber's behalf with respect to a number of business opportunities. It's an interesting and highly recommended read, to say the least. Too bad the colourful exhibits to the affidavit aren't posted as well. The big newsworthy aspect of this affidavit today is this:
An adviser to former prime minister Brian Mulroney asked Karlheinz Schreiber to transfer funds, made in connection with Air Canada's 1988 purchase of Airbus airplanes, to Mr. Mulroney's lawyer in Geneva, Switzerland, according to an affidavit sworn by Mr. Schreiber and filed Thursday in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The affidavit states that Mr. Schreiber informed Mr. Mulroney during a meeting at Zurich's Hotel Savoy on Feb. 2, 1998 that one of Mr. Mulroney's closest friends and advisers, Fred Doucet, had asked him to transfer funds "related to the Airbus deal" from the lobby firm, Government Consultants International, or GCI, to Mr. Mulroney's Swiss lawyer.

None of the statements contained in Mr. Schreiber's affidavit have been proven in court.

In a brief phone call Thursday night, Mr. Doucet, who only four months ago had refused to speak to The Globe and Mail about his relationship with Mr. Schreiber, said he never spoke with the German-Canadian middleman about transferring money to a Geneva lawyer.
Schreiber alleges, under oath, that Mulroney's associate, Doucet, asked for funds "related to the Airbus deal" be transferred to a Mulroney lawyer in Switzerland. Doucet denies it.

The other interesting aspect of the affidavit, to me, was this part, below. It seems to me that there are a lot of questions raised by it which need to be answered (click to enlarge):

I wish the Globe would print the court documents like this for all major court cases in the news, such as the Conservative in and out election spending scandal, for example. Please post the pleadings on that one, Globe editors!