Friday, November 23, 2007

Harpie afraid of a Toronto by-election

A little reminder in the Globe today: still waitin' on that by-election to be called in Toronto Centre. You know, the one where Bob Rae is a candidate. Aka a solid bet to go Liberal and therefore a by-election Harpie is afraid to call. Can't allow democracy to actually work, ya know, it's not like the people there deserve to have their by-election yet when others did back in early September. Harpie doesn't want to allow a Liberal victory to rain on his parade. In fact, he must not want Rae in the House, or somethin'...:) He's the Liberal Foreign Affairs critic, could make Maxime and Helena look pretty bad.

And lookie who attended a Bob Rae's everybody's favourite ex-Conservative candidate, Mark Warner:
An ousted former Conservative Party candidate has given a boost to the federal Liberals by attending a political fundraiser for party candidate Bob Rae.

"Bob is a very decent man for whom I have a lot of respect," said Mark Warner, a Toronto lawyer who had originally hoped to challenge Mr. Rae in the riding of Toronto Centre.
"But, obviously he's one of the remaining candidates in the race and I thought I should pop my head in. It's one of the first events he's having."

Mr. Warner said he hasn't ripped up his Conservative membership, but hinted that it's not likely he will be staying. "My philosophy in life is not to want to belong to any club that wouldn't have me as a member. It's just the way I approach life."
Now that's the kind of Conservative a person could really grow to love...:)