Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm sure Harpie would be happy to oblige

"Layton calls for referendum on the abolition of the Senate." Picking up from Harper's comments while in Australia when he threatened to abolish the Senate if it could not be reformed and Conservative Senator Hugh Segal's identical proposal, Layton's jumping right into the pool with these guys. What a thoughtful proposal from the NDP leader. A destructive policy to be put to the electorate which would do away with a national institution that marks us as a parliamentary democracy with two houses. Well, Harpie's having his way with the Canadian Wheat Board and selling off our historic embassy properties overseas. What's another national symbol to him? He may well take Jack up on the matter, then you could see motions out of both the House and Senate on abolition. Who'd a thunk that Jack would be in sync with Conservatives like Hugh Segal on this.

Global warming, Jack? Day care, Jack? Any of those issues more important than elevating Senate abolition to the top of the nation's agenda? What a colossal waste of time and money.