Monday, November 12, 2007

Late night Mulroney/Schreiber

Mulroney lookin' for an inquiry? He really loves to go all in, doesn't he? Didn't work out so well last time, but this is certainly an interesting development. A bit of vengeance against Harper? As in, "investigate me, well screw that, if I'm going down, you're going down too?"
"In order to finally put this matter to rest, and expose all the facts and the role played by all the people involved, from public servants to elected officials, from lobbyists to the police authorities, as well as journalists, the only solution is for the government to launch a full-fledged public commission of inquiry which would cover the period from 1988 to today.

"Only then will the whole truth be finally exposed and tarnished reputation restored."
Who knows? It hasn't looked good for Mulroney to date, but if he's willing to run the table, so be it. It's not going to be pretty.

Keith Boag reported on the National tonight that it was Vic Toews who ordered a briefing on the Mulroney issue but who was later prevented from seeing his own report. Boag's report stated that internal Justice emails suggest that the motive for keeping Toews from learning of the briefing was to shield him from having to make a decision on whether to attempt to get back the $2.1 million settlement with Mulroney. Interesting. Vic Toews had the wherewithal to know that this needed his attention as Justice Minister. Others had other ideas.

Then we have Karlheinz Schreiber's musing from jail, to Lisa Laflamme, that Harper not seeing his letters - which he says were more in the neighbourhood of 15 to 20 - suggests that perhaps "Mulroney's people" were around Harper shielding him from this information. I find that hard to believe but then, the whole point of this is we really don't know why Harper allegedly did not see this significant information. The needle-in-the-haystack defence really seems ridiculous.

Also of note, the At Issue panel tonight where Allan Gregg and Andrew Coyne flatly disagreed with Chantal Hebert's views which, unsurprisingly, minimized the matter for Harper. Good for them. She was way off base tonight.