Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Memo to Van Loan: there's another small man to contend with

Jean Charest weighs in. He's with McGuinty.
Quebec Premier Jean Charest joined forces with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty yesterday to fight the federal government's plan to add new seats to the House of Commons.

Mr. Charest pledged to work with Mr. McGuinty to persuade the federal government to revise its proposed legislation, which is designed to reflect population growth by adding 22 seats to the 308 currently in the Commons. He said he would like every province to be part of that discussion.

"I understand the perspective of Premier McGuinty," he said. "We will work with Ontario."
Oh, and didn't notice this over the weekend. There's a third "small man" on the scene:
Manitoba Premier Gary Doer threw his support behind Ontario on the weekend when he was in Toronto for the Grey Cup game and met privately with Mr. McGuinty.

"I think we should take our time and get [the legislation] right in terms of the principles for this country," Mr. Doer told reporters. "Otherwise, it could be perceived as a cynical exercise."
Doh! All of course underscoring the truly asinine position taken by Mr. Van Loan against McGuinty, fully sanctioned by Harper, of course. The legislation to redistribute seats has been rebuffed now by three premiers. Could they not have foreseen such problems?

Can't these guys do anything right...:)