Thursday, November 29, 2007

"The message was very well received"

Just digesting the Schreiber appearance, likely more on that later. But for now, thought this was an interesting little exchange that bears further scrutiny:
1:08 p.m. — Liberal MP Charles Hubbard, first time we've heard from him... he starts with a folksy apology for the circus, and says that as recently as in 2006 he wrote a letter to Mulroney. He wants to know the result of that letter being carried to Mr. Harper by Mulroney.

"The outcome was, that the message was very well received," said Mr. Schreiber. "That there would of course be no guarantee, this decision would have to of course been decided by the court and then the minister would do the right thing." He's referring to Mr. Toews, former justice minister.

Confirms that the Elmer MacKay helped draft the letter ... and then volunteers: "It was a shock to me when Mr. Harper said on television that he had never spoken to Mr. Mulroney about me." (emphasis added)
Does this suggest that these communications between Mr. Mulroney and Schreiber had something to do with the halted investigation into the Mulroney matter under the Conservatives? Don't know, but today clearly was a scratch the surface, brief discussion that will just be the beginning of drawing such matters out.

Did you catch Tom Mulcair's efforts to draw in Marc Lalonde in some sinister manner (it occurred in or about the 1:04 pm mark as Mulcair raised a number of questions)? As predicted. The NDP never miss a chance to make anything all about the Liberals these days. I think Mr. Lalonde will be happy to elucidate Mr. Mulcair on the matter, as he's recently spoken freely to the media about Mr. Schreiber.