Saturday, November 03, 2007

The party who keeps crying wolf

"Tories launch fifth negative ad campaign targeting Stephane Dion." The excess is almost comic at this point.
Despite the multiple ad campaigns targeting Dion, and the fundraising disparity between the parties, the Conservatives and Liberals remain close in overall support.

The latest Harris-Decima poll pegged the Liberals at 29 per cent and the Conservatives at 33 per cent - three points lower than they were in the last election.

But Conservative strategists remain optimistic that support will shift their way.
Yes, the optimistic Conservative negative ad guys enjoy banging their heads against the wall, ladies and gentlemen...:)

And I think it's a capital idea to introduce the topic of "risk" and political leadership to the debate. Thus far, Canadians have been unwilling to take a risk with Harper and a majority. Who's the bigger risk, Canadians will be asking themselves. That's not a bad comparison at all. Who's the bigger risk? Dion or the guy who lies about income trusts, the Atlantic Accord, who won't provide information on much of anything from his government and who has quite a nifty little mean streak on regular display. I'll take my chances on that comparison.

And I mean, if the suggestion is that the Liberals, who steered the Canadian economy through the 1990's and into the 2000's and contributed greatly to the current economic climate, are a risk...I'll take my chances on the answer to that question too.