Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The pathetic Prime Minister


Upon reading this story, "PM rejects all but one report of torture," one can't help but think...what country am I in, anyway? The comparison between Harper and Bush springs to the forefront of one's mind when perusing such material.

Harper condones torture by blindly looking the other way to substantive allegations and leaving it to the self-serving Afghans to investigate, just like black-site-Bush whose CIA has a site in Afghanistan.

Harper is an uber-partisan warrior who is willing to say anything including using the troops as a political weapon against his opponents, just like Bush (although Harper is actually an adjudged defamer):
During Question Period, Mr. Harper called on Mr. Dion to stop "fabricating" allegations and get behind Canada's troops.
Denies reality and picks and chooses his own convenient facts, just like Bush:
"We have said repeatedly that there has been no evidence of any abuse involving the transfer of Canadian prisoners, until one case recently in the past two weeks," Mr. Harper said during Question Period.
With his assertion, Mr. Harper tossed aside six other cases in which Afghan detainees complained to Canadian officials about their conditions, as well as reports from Afghan and international authorities confirming the use of torture in the country.

Dozens of Afghan detainees have complained of torture to journalists.
Bush = Worst..President...ever. Harper? He's well on his way. And, oh yes, a reminder yesterday that he's STILL stuck at 36% in the polls. Since February of 2006.

Has a Prime Minister ever polled so low for so long?