Thursday, November 08, 2007

St. Rudy

Rudy makin' a big play to outshine his opponents in the God credentials:
“I believe in God, I pray to God, pray to Jesus for guidance and for help,” Mr. Giuliani, a Roman Catholic who does not attend Mass, said in an interview on the network in September. “I have very, very strong views on religion that come about from having wanted to be a priest when I was younger and having studied theology for four years in college.” (emphasis added)
Yes, he of the three marriages, the first being to a second cousin for 14 years, wanted to be a priest when he was younger...clearly, that thought mustn't have lasted for long...:) Ever notice how Rudy frequently uses the "very, very strong" kind of phrasing? Watch for it. It helps when you don't go to church to use such constructions in order to bamboozle the listener.

And now Rudy has Pat Robertson's blessing in his back pocket. You know, Pat Robertson of bombastic hate fame:
In January 2004, for example, he said God had told him President Bush would win re-election in a “blowout,” a prophecy that by October he amended to a “razor-thin” victory. On other occasions, he has suggested that liberal judges were a more serious threat “than a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings,” and that teaching evolution or flying gay-pride flags might invite the wrath of God in the form of natural disasters.
And don't forget Robertson's early view of the 9/11 attacks, it's a classic:
Pat Robertson, the Christian conservative broadcaster, once said permissiveness toward homosexuality and abortion led to God’s “lifting his protection” to allow those attacks.
Alas, you'd think Giuliani couldn't possibly take such an endorsement, given that Rudy was mayor of that very city that God left unprotected. But Rudy's got more important things to worry about than, say, integrity. He's runnin' for President, after all.

Robertson's reasons for endorsing Giuliani:
In explaining his endorsement, Mr. Robertson said he was confident that Mr. Giuliani would defend the country against “the blood lust of Islamic terrorists.”

Mr. Robertson argued that judicial appointments were the crucial battleground for Christian conservatives and said Mr. Giuliani had pledged to appoint conservative jurists. (emphasis added)
Yep, Rudy's whoring for the nomination is just about complete with this news.