Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Steve still not doin' it for Ontario

There's a new Strategic Counsel poll out putting the Conservatives and Liberals in a tie nationally at 32% apiece that's getting attention today. The Globe report emphasizes how the Conservatives' tax cut announcements have failed to catch fire, with an assist to the Mulroney story as cause for the downturn. The CTV coverage focusses on the Mulroney/Schreiber affair as the principal reason for bringing the Conservatives' numbers down. So once again we find ourselves back at square one where the Conservatives are STILL not catching the imagination of the Canadian public. Bob Fife's energy level seemed noticeably down last night as he had to bring himself to utter that the Liberals are seemingly tied with the Conservatives. After months of breathless reporting on the Conservatives' plots and plans to get themselves inches closer to their shiny majority, the disappointment was palpable. But enough about Bob.

Let's focus on the big shift in Ontario:

Wow. One of the biggest shifts in the poll. Granted, all of these polls are fluid, but let's just take it for its face value. Just for fun. What could possibly be driving such numbers in central Canada? Here are a few items affecting Ontarians of late that go unmentioned in the reports referenced above and that are perhaps persuasive reasons for such movement to the Liberals, a bit nationally but especially in Ontario.
  • Hazel McCallion. She's on a mission and made a drastic move by her levy on property owners for infrastructure. When Hazel speaks, the GTA listens. And she's not speakin' too friendly about the federal Conservatives these days.
  • Tax cutting foolishness. The GST cut doesn't mean much when your property taxes are going up. And when economists are trashing it. Ontarians aren't big on Republican wannabe tax cutters. Been there, done that. Didn't turn out well. Beeg deficit.
  • The loss of manufacturing jobs in Ontario this year thanks to the soaring dollar. 44,000 and going strong.
  • Dion's well received speech on poverty reduction was coincidental to this polling. So were the embarrassing ads attacking Dion, once again. They are laugh out loud embarrassing. And not for Dion.
  • We've had a few weeks back in the House of Commons to take another look at the Conservatives. Peter Van Loan's continuing uber-partisan performance in the House of Commons may have something to do with downward numbers. Why anyone thinks this guy is a good front man, simply due to his supposed "competence" compared to the rest of the bunch...is clearly beyond this Canadian.
  • Harper & Stockwell Day's effective reinstatement of the death penalty for Canadian citizens in trouble abroad. Big red flag. Huuuuge.
  • Pakistan's disintegration and the implications for the Canadian Afghan mission.
  • And yes, Harper's back flip off the 30 foot diving platform, going 360 degrees from his snide comments a week earlier in announcing the Mulroney/Schreiber investigation. Big hypocritical change from his indignant threats to investigate past Liberal PM's. Those guys did quite well in Ontario, as I recall.
Yeah, those things might cause a few problems...:) And just think, we could have been in the midst of a federal election right about now...