Monday, November 12, 2007

Successful libel suit against Harper settled

Gee, and it's typically the Conservatives blustering in the House of Commons about how Liberals should take their accusations outside the House so that they can suffer the wrath of threatened libel suits. Well it seems to me that Harper is the only one, of late, anyway, who has actually been dinged for libel and has lost. What an upstanding PM we have:
The federal Conservative party has quietly settled a lawsuit with a former candidate who had accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of libel.

Lawyer Alan Riddell, who ran unsuccessfully for the Conservatives in the 2004 federal election, launched the libel suit against Harper and party president Don Plett after he was dumped as a candidate the following year.

Mr. Riddell claimed he was promised $50,000 by the party to cover his expenses if he stepped aside to make room for a new, high-profile Tory candidate in his Ottawa riding; the party claimed Mr. Riddell was disqualified.

Mr. Harper, prior to becoming prime minister, flatly declared there was no deal between the Conservatives and Mr. Riddell — but courts subsequently ruled there was indeed an agreement.

The party released a single-line statement on the weekend saying they had “mutually settled all legal proceedings.”

No details were provided by the party or by Mr. Riddell. (emphasis added)
As they quietly slink away into the night with their roadkill left behind. A big shout out to you, Mr. Alan Riddell, tonight. Maybe they might learn to be more careful next time.