Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Those pesky facts on the ground in Afghanistan

Defence Minister Peter MacKay visits today and the base he visits comes under fire by rocket attack. I suspect Bev Oda might chalk this up to desperation on the part of insurgents, hey? And Maxime Bernier might say this is "real positive momentum?"

And according to Hillier, this is some kind of good news. The Taliban have been driven so far back that they now must resort to rockets. Is that some kind of good news for Canadian soldiers? From the CP report:
Hillier told reporters he believed the base was the intended target - not MacKay. "The minister was not subjected to an attack," he said.

"What was subjected to an attack was one of our forward operating bases. That has been consistent, because the Taliban have been driven back and they have to resort to long-distance attacks in most cases," Hillier said.

But a rocket attack on the base when Canada's defence minister is visiting is a concern, admitted Lafaut.

"Every time you hear one, it is not a good sign. It means the enemy still has some freedom of movement," said Lafaut.

"We see that as a desperate move because we have disturbed a lot of their freedom in the last two or three months. Sometimes they commence a little offensive action like this."
There's that "desperate" word again.

Sure, it's a stark raving, mad success over there...