Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Too bad he's still here

Yes, the justice system is rather inconvenient to some:
Mr. Schreiber is pulling everybody's strings - not bad for someone who's locked up in a Toronto jail. The man is like a creepy cross between Machiavelli and Harry Houdini. He has magically escaped extradition for eight years, thanks to a judicial system that allows people to appeal until they die of old age. Every time he's almost on the plane, his lawyers file another piece of paper, and he wiggles out of it. Eddie Greenspan couldn't get Conrad Black off the hook, but he's earning every penny of his fees from Mr. Schreiber. Ironically, if our justice system worked the way it should, Mr. Schreiber would be back in Germany and the story might be dead. (emphasis added)
Nasty little procedural rights and such. How dare a Canadian citizen, no matter who they are, exercise the full extent of their right to appeal in a matter as grave as extradition? I suppose it would be much "tidier" if this story were dead and gone along with Mr. Schreiber. But fortunately for the Canadian public, it's not.