Thursday, November 08, 2007

Too late, Harpie

This comment yesterday was rich, coming from the guy who whipped up sentiment against veiled voters in Quebec the week before the recent Quebec by-elections:
Quebecers could do without the ongoing debate on the integration of immigrants into society, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday.

"I do think that most Quebecers are feeling increasingly secure in the position of their language and culture in this country, as they should," Mr. Harper said. "My sense is... kind of going back over debates over language or culture or immigration is not frankly where most Quebecers want to go."
Yes, people who are "increasingly secure" do not need to single out Muslim voters for special treatment, as Harper proposes to do in an amendment to the Canada Elections Act, when there have been no issues reported with Muslim women refusing to lift their veils while voting. That is the kind of legislation we can do without. It's not the Canadian way, as the Star opined in a recent editorial.

Looks like Harper's trying to backtrack from his earlier inflammatory blast against Muslim voters by making the above remarks yesterday. The hypocrisy in his doing so in what seems like complete obliviousness to the effects his words and actions have had, however, is duly noted.