Friday, November 02, 2007

Why they can't escape their ceiling

Statement from Mark Warner, former Conservative candidate in Toronto Centre, ousted by the Conservative head office (click to enlarge):

More on Warner's departure:
Warner, who was acclaimed as the Conservatives' candidate for Toronto Centre in February, learned abruptly on Tuesday that he was being disqualified from running. It came after months of head-to-head battles with the central Conservative campaign machine over his focus on poverty, housing, health and other issues at odds with the master Tory political strategy.

Warner would have been running against former Ontario premier and Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae, who called Warner's ouster this week "a national disgrace."

In his press release announcing his ouster, Warner calls himself a "red Tory" and Dion agreed yesterday that this moderate streak of Conservatism doesn't seem welcome in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's party any more.

Dion said that Warner is probably going through the same experience as other red Tories who've come over to the Liberals – Belinda Stronach, Scott Brison and most recently, Halton MP Garth Turner.
What a shame...Conservatives being exposed for their lack of tolerance of a candidate's independent spirit...

And by the way, this appears to be an out and out lie:
So deluded are the party brass that they boldly claim they couldn't be turning their backs on an ethnic candidate because they didn't even know he was black or from Trinidad. (emphasis added)
Didn't know, hey? There are a few in the PMO who went to McGill with Mark Warner (see his biography). It's hard to believe that they did not know this.